Cream Cleanser (500ml)

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Note: Discounted item as nearing expiry in Oct 2023.

Bring The Shine Back

For beautifully clean, gleaming surfaces on enamel baths, basins, steel, chrome, tiled and laminated surfaces. The gentle abrasive action of our safe plant and mineral ingredients effectively cleans without scratching.


  • Soapnut Berry Extract
  • Shine and polish
  • Enamel, steel, chrome, tiled and laminated surfaces
  • Gentle on your skin
  • Non drying
  • Natural scent of Citrus or Sweet Orange essential oil*
  • Naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal with Tea Tree essential oil
  • Eco-friendly

* We are experimenting with a new scent for the Cream Cleanser. You might receive either a citrus or sweet orange essential oil version.

How To Use

Apply either directly onto the surface or onto a damp cloth, then wipe clean and rinse surface. For best results buff with a dry cloth.


Aqua (Filtered Water), Calcium Carbonate (Mineral), Sapindus Mukorossi Extract (Soapnut Berry Extract), Lauryl Glucoside (Plant Based Surfactant), Caprylyl/Myristyl Glucoside (Plant Based Surfactant), Vegetable Glycerin (Moisturiser), Xanthum Gum (Natural Thickener), Citrus Sinensis (Sweet Orange Essential Oil), Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree Essential Oil), Citric Acid (PH modifier), Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate (Preservative)

Soapnut Republic is committed to bring the safest product to you and your family. All our ingredients are tested allergen free, plant based and never tested on animals.

  • Fragrance free
  • Sulphate free
  • Phthalate free
  • Palm oil free
  • Cruelty free

Our bottles are made from highly recyclable PET 1 plastic.
 Feel free to refill, reuse, or recycle.

What Are Soapnuts

Soapnut berries have been used to make natural hair and body care products for centuries. The berries are rich in natural saponin (a safe and natural alternative to conventional soap), and they effectively cleans without disrupting the natural pH balance of your skin.

👉 Learn more about Soapnuts

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本产品适用于清洁瓷釉浴缸、脸盆、不锈钢、铬、瓷砖等各类表面,清洁后光洁闪亮。其天然配方能产生 温和的摩擦作用, 帮助有效清除污垢, 不留任何划痕。 建议使用湿布, 将污垢擦洗干净并冲洗表面, 用干布再次擦拭效果更佳。 成分 纯净水, 碳酸钙(矿物质),无患子提取物(圆皂角), 月桂基葡糖苷(植物表面活性剂), 辛醇/肉豆蔻基葡糖苷 (植物表面活性剂), 蔬菜甘油(保湿), 黄原胶(天然增稠剂), 甘氨酸钠(防腐剂), 右旋柠烯(柑桔油), 互叶白千层 (澳洲茶树精油), 柠檬酸(PH值调节剂)。

容量: 500ml


纯净水,碳酸钙(矿物质),无患子提取物(圆皂角),月桂基葡糖苷(植物表面活性剂),辛醇/肉豆蔻基葡糖苷(植物表面活性剂),蔬菜甘油(保湿),黄原胶(天然增稠剂),甘氨酸钠(防腐剂),柑橘(柑橘精油),互叶白千层 (澳洲茶树精油),柠檬酸 (pH值调节剂)


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
lim regina
Cream Cleanser

Great, it remove stubborn stains & keep my toilet & stove shine

Thank you trying us out! Glad that it has been keeping your home and toilets clean.

Ms Chua
Love using it

Love using this cleanser to clean my sink. Appreciate that there is no artificial fragrance as I'm sensitive to it.

Must have

Just like the other SoapNut Republic product, this Cream Cleanser finishes off the cleaning with a non sticky feel and good smell. Love it being all natural and safe to use.

Maeve Suar
Gentle yet effective

Great for stubborn stains in-between tiles! IMO clean as well as Jif but better because it doesn’t contain nasty chemicals and it’s cruelty-free :)

chua carol
Good and strong cleaner

Very good in cleaning grease. Keeps my stove top clean and shiny!