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Hello! My name is Fionna and I am with Kim, co-founder of Soapnut Republic.
Soapnut Republic was founded by New Zealander & Australian couple, Bobby Mitchell and Kim Gilliland. The couple has lived in Shanghai, China for 15+ years and have 3 beautiful daughters, 7 yrs, 5 yrs, 2 yrs old.
Soapnut Republic Bobby and 3 Kids
At Soapnut Republic, we believe that natural cleaning should be first and foremost safe for you and your family. As a 2 year old, Bobby accidentally drank bleach and was hospitalised. He fortunately lived to tell the tale. To prevent this tragic incident from happening to his children and to other families, he decided to use his chemical engineering background to formulate a safer cleaning alternative. And, that was how Soapnut Republic was born.

Soap that grows on trees

Soapnut berries powers all our cleaning products. These are berries that grows on trees, in fact, they are cousins with the lychee fruit. When the berries are dried, their skin naturally produces soap (or saponin) when mixed with water.
soapnut republic soapnuts 
natural soap from soapnut berries

Cleaning that is safe on your skin and non-drying, so you can skip the moisturiser

Soapnut berries have been used traditionally in India as a shampoo, as it is gentle on the scalp and helps prevent dandruff. Soapnuts have also been used in Chinese medicine as a treatment for dry skin and eczema. This is the same ingredient used in Soapnut Republic so it’s safe on your skin, non-drying, and you probably can skip the moisturiser.
 soapnut republic safe for skin

Smells great & naturally anti-bacterial with essential oils

We all cringe at the over-powering smell of chlorine bleach or artificial fragrances in chemical cleaners. With Soapnut Republic, we have essential oils in our products to make cleaning products that smells great, so you can enjoy uplifting essential oils as you clean. Tea tree essential oil is used as a natural anti-bacterial ingredient to remove bacterial and germs on your hands and cleaned surfaces.
soapnut republic essential oils

Child friendly & pet friendly

Whether you have children or pets at home, get peace of mind that Soapnut Republic is gentle and safe for them. Safe for them to be washing their hands with, safe for them to be rolling around on the floor.
soapnut republic child friendly

Looks great anywhere

Finally, home cleaning products that looks great and can be a conversation starter.  Your toilet experience will never be the same again with Soapnut Republic premium looking, value for money, luxurious foaming hand soaps.
soapnut republic looks good at home

Sustainable & biodegradable plant-based ingredients

When you use Soapnut Republic, be assured that all the cleaning ingredients are 100% biodegradable and will not pollute the water systems. (Don’t want that, since we do drink recycled water here in Singapore.)
Soapnut Republic biodegradable ecofriendly

Refill options available when you are done

Get bulk 5 litres bottles directly from the online store to refill your empty bottles when you are out. You can also refill at one of our refillery partners. Sip coffee and get your refill at The Social Space (Marina One). Or, stock up on dried goods and get your refill at Reprovisions (Jurong Point).
refill options for soapnut republic
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