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Naturally Clean Home

Non-toxic . Allergen free . Biodegradable

At Soapnut Republic, we believe Natural Home Cleaning needs to be, first and foremost, safe for you, and even the most sensitive of you, including young children. We use Soapnut Berries to generate soap naturally just by mixing it with water (one of nature's best kept secret). We then blend it with 33 plant based minerals and 8 essential oils to create our full range of effective and safe cleaning products.

We love it and trust in it.
And, we hope you will too. 

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Why Soapnut Republic is the Safer, Natural Cleaning choice?

soapnut republic safe on you

Safe On You

soapnut republic child friendly

Child Friendly

soapnut republic vegan, plant based


soapnut republic environment friendly, eco-friendly

Gentle On The Environment

soapnut republic cruelty free and vegan, pet friendly

Pet Friendly & Cruelty Free

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Soapnut Republic Story ...

Soapnut Republic is proudly owned and operated by New Zealander Bobby Mitchell and Australian Kim Gilliland who are based in Shanghai.

The company was started when Bobby wanted to ensure their home was free of toxic chemicals arising from day to day use household cleaning. Bobby, with background in chemical engineering, personally developed the formulations for the products and oversees production. 

We have been selling Soapnut Republic products in China since 2014, Hong Kong since 2015 and Singapore since 2017. In 2018, we won The Shining Star Award for Most Outstanding Eco Impact and Eco Product Trailblazer Award for Best Eco Product / Innovation in the Eco Design Fair 2018.