Safer, Natural Cleaning
Home Cleaning needs to be SAFE for you. Even the most sensitive of you, including young children.
Gentle & Non-drying
Uses only plant-based ingredients that is safe on you, not just the environment.
Child Friendly
Soapnut Republic was born from the desire to safeguard our own children. Our products are test in the laboratory by scientists, and at home by our family. Safety guaranteed.
Biodegradable ingredients, no residue to pollute our environment. Reusable & recyclable PET 1 bottles. Refill at home or at partner stores.

Fall In Love With Cleaning

Here's 7 reasons why you will love Soapnut Republic AND fall in love with cleaning again.

Only plant based ingredients used. Nothing artificial. Nothing we wouldn't put on ourselves.
Pet Friendly
Non-toxic and safe to use in pet-friendly homes.
Cruelty free
We love animals and never test any of our products, not even the ingredients, on animals.

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Soapnuts, A Safer And Sustainable Soap

What are Soapnuts? What is this magical "nut" that is safer, and more sustainable?

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Safer, Natural Yoga Mat Cleaning with Soapnut Republic

Safer, Natural Yoga Mat Cleaning with Soapnut Republic

Removes grime from yoga mat and removes sweat odour effectively. No rinse required.
June 04, 2020
We Still Deliver

We Still Deliver

Dear friends,

We hope everyone continues to keep safe.

With new measures in place by the government as announced on 4 April (Circuit Breaker), we like to inform our customers that our online store continues to operate and we work with our delivery partners to send out your orders to your home.

As demand for home delivery increases, our logistic partners are doing their best to meet the increased demand. Your delivery might take longer than normal, however, do rest assured that your order will be delivered.


Kim, Bobby, Fionna & Edwin

April 05, 2020
Conquering The Kitchen The Natural Way With Soapnut Republic

Conquering The Kitchen The Natural Way With Soapnut Republic

Our long time customers share how they use Soapnut Republic in maintain a healthy home environment.
March 04, 2020

How To Guides: Learn How To Effectively Clean With Soapnut Republic

Soapnuts: A Safer And Sustainable Soap

Soapnuts: A Safer And Sustainable Soap

Soapnuts are safer and sustainable soap. It has been used traditionally as anti-dandruff shampoo, as natural laundry detergent and as remedy for various skin conditions.
How To Use Stain Remover?

How To Use Stain Remover?

Soapnut Republic Natural Stain Remover is a safe, natural and effective way to remove stains from your clothing and fabrics. Bye bye, coffee stains, yellow collars, etc.
How To Use Multi Purpose Cleaner?

How To Use Multi Purpose Cleaner?

Soapnut Republic Multi Purpose Cleaner is a no rinse all purpose cleaner that removes oil, mould, grime and etc, with ease. It is a versatile and effective natural cleaner for your home. Remember, no rinse required! Learn more about Soapnut Republic Multi Purpose Cleaner

About Soapnut Republic

Soapnut Republic home care products are non-toxic, allergen free and biodegradable. They are completely safe to use, and they enable outstanding cleaning results that other brands only achieve with toxic chemicals.

Our unique formulations blend natural Sapindus mukorossi (soapnut berry) extract with high quality plant and mineral ingredients, and pure essential oils. Soapnut berries grow organically on trees in remote China, Nepal, India and South America where have been used for centuries for cleaning and in natural skin remedies.

Soapnut Republic is proudly owned and operated by New Zealander Bobby Mitchell and Australian Kim Gilliland. Every product we produce is designed and extensively tested with the safety of our own three young daughters in mind.