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Why Soapnut Republic?

Gentle Soapnut berry extract


Safe for sensitive skin


Plant based: VEGAN & Cruelty free


Child safe & Pet friendly


Biodegradable & Eco-friendly


Allergen free


Naturally scented with essential oil


Naturally anti-bacterial with tea tree essential oil


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About Soapnut Republic

Soapnut Republic home care products are non-toxic, allergen free and biodegradable. They are completely safe to use, and they enable outstanding cleaning results that other brands only achieve with toxic chemicals.

Our unique formulations blend natural Sapindus mukorossi (soapnut berry) extract with high quality plant and mineral ingredients, and pure essential oils. Soapnut berries grow organically on trees in remote China, Nepal, India and South America where have been used for centuries for cleaning and in natural skin remedies.

Soapnut Republic is proudly owned and operated by New Zealander Bobby Mitchell and Australian Kim Gilliland. Every product we produce is designed and extensively tested with the safety of our own three young daughters in mind.