soapnut cream cleanser hob
Grimy kitchen tops, sooty kettles and pots, greying white tiles, and all sorts of really tough and tricky surfaces can be a nightmare to clean. We asked home cleaning experts how they typically go about attacking these and they almost unanimously agree that the cream cleanser will do the job.
Tough on grime and oil this little milky wonder is indeed the Iron Man of Home Cleaning.
In your kitchen,
Use it on kitchen stoves, the hobs and nobs, the sink and even pots and pans, etc.
In your bathroom, 
Use it on the taps, the shower hose, the bath tub, the edges of the bathtub, and even your shower curtain, etc.
In your living room,
Use it on the light switches, vases, the floor tiles, marble tables, etc.
In your garage/balcony,
Use it on the clothes rack, the window seals, the floor tiles, etc.
The list goes on for how you can effectively clean with this creamy wonder.
Want to know the secret sauce for Soapnut Republic Cream Cleanser?
A high concentration of Soapnut Berry extract, which is a natural surfactant that is tough on stains. 
Calcium Carbonate, a natural mineral to give it its soft abrasive cleaning effect.
Tea tree essential oil that it antiseptic helping you to clean and disinfect.
Sweet orange essential oil that leaves that lingering fresh aroma that is uplifting and a reminder that your home is sparkling, naturally clean.
So, don't wait to get your Iron Man of Home Cleaning here: Cream Cleanser
September 08, 2017 — Fionna Lee