What are Soapnuts?

Soapnuts are fruit of the Sapindus mukorossi species of trees, which are in the Lychee family. It get its name because the fruit pulp is used to make soap.

Soapnut berries have been used to make natural hair and body care products for centuries. The berries are rich in natural saponin (a safe and natural alternative to conventional soap), and they effectively cleanse and moisturise without disrupting the natural pH and oil balance of your skin.

In India, they are known as reetha or ritha and used as a shampoo to prevent dandruff. In Indonesia, they are known as lerak klerek and used as a laundry wash to preserve the beautiful colours of batik clothing. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is used as a remedy for dry skin.

What ingredients are in Soapnut Republic?

All our product detail pages list the full ingredient list of our products. Do refer to product page. Soapnut Republic is made from all natural, 100% plant based ingredients that are safe on your skin, safe for your family and gentle on the environment.

Does Soapnut Republic products kill germs?

All Soapnut Republic products, except Fruit & Vegetable wash, contains Tea Tree Essential oil, which is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-virus. Read more about efficacy of Tea Tree Oil in this article here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1360273/

Is Soapnut Republic vegan?

Soapnut Republic products are made from 100% plant based ingredients, hence, vegan.

Is Soapnut Republic organic?

Soapnut Republic products are not certified organic, though we used all natural, 100% plant based ingredients in to produce our products.

Is Soapnut Republic allergen free?

Yes, all our product formulations are hypoallergenic (allergen free), as it is all natural and 100% plant based.

Is Soapnut Republic cruelty free?

Yes, we never test our products or any of our ingredients on animals.

Is Soapnut Republic safe to use in homes with young children or during pregnancy?

Yes, our products have been made to be all natural and 100% plant based. They are safe for you, and your family, even young children.

Is Soapnut Republic safe to use in homes with pets?

Yes, our products are non-toxic and safe to use in homes with pets.

How long is the shelf life of Soapnut Republic?

Soapnut Republic products are produced with 3 years of shelf life. The products can keep for longer if kept in a cool area, away from direct sunlight.

Where is Soapnut Republic made?

Soapnut Republic is designed by Kiwi dad, Bobby Mitchel and Aussie mum, Kim Gilliland. The products are produced in China, under the license and supervision of Soapnut Republic Limited, a New Zealand brand and company. Bobby and Kim, also lives in China with their 3 daugthers to oversee the production. Production happens in China to be near the key raw ingredient - soapnuts.

Do you offer free shipping?

Free shipping in Singapore is available for orders $50 and above. Refer to our Shipping & Delivery page for full details on shipping.

Do you accept international orders?

Unfortunately, we do not. However, Soapnut Republic are available in selected countries via local distributors: China (via WeChat Official Account: Soapnut-Republic), Hong Kong, Sweden

What payment mode do you accept?

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Paypal and PayNow. We do not accept cash on delivery.