soapnut republic safe for pets

Regular cleaning products on the supermarket shelves are chemical laden, harmful and maybe poisonous to humans and animals alike. If you haven't heard this from your pet groomer, then it is time you find a new one.

You need to stop using bleach or other well known brands of disinfectant to clean your home and your pet's basket, litter, etc. Take a quick look at the bottle label and you will know why ... is it labelled as hazardous? Why are you using "poison" to "clean" your home? Also, think about how harmful it might be for your pet dog to be licking off the floor which had just been "cleaned" with bleach?

Switch to natural cleaning products for a safer home for you and your pet friend

Natural cleaning products, those without chemicals, without parabens, without fossil fuel by products, are safe for use because they are biodegradable and not irritant on the skin (including your pet's skin). When purchasing cleaning products, be on the look out for what is in the bottle, as much as, what is not in the bottle. Just because the "marketing" states it is eco-friendly or "green" doesn't necessarily mean it is safe for you and your pets.

Say NO to ...
No SLS / SLES / Coco Sulphate
No Artificial Fragrance
No Parabens
No Animal Testing
No Triclosan / Tricarbon
No Bleach
No Ammonium

Look out for ...
100% Plant Based
Essential Oils
Biodegradable ingredients

Why Soapnut Republic Cleaning Products Are Safe?

Soapnut Republic offers a range of cleaning products for your entire home (i.e. living room, bed room, toilet, kitchen). It uses a unique method of soap from soapnut berries, which are 100% plant based and natural. Soapnuts are berries that grows on trees, and have been used for centuries for cleaning and medically for skin conditions. Hence, there is no harmful chemicals used and all of Soapnut Republic cleaning products are safe even for young children, and definitely safe for your pets. 

Other ingredients include a combination of plant-based minerals and pure essential oils. Hence, Soapnut Republic is proudly VEGAN and absolutely cruelty free, i.e, we have not tested on any animals in the process.

Making your home safe for your pets

Especially in the hot and humid climate in Singapore and South East Asia, our pets have higher risk of developing skin allergies. Making your home safe by using natural cleaning products can reduce the risk of your pet developing these allergies. Furthermore, it is now increasingly more convenient and more affordable to make the switch to natural and safe cleaning products. So, why wait?


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