soapnut floor cleaner
Let me let you in on how we keep our home floor clean and safe, safe enough that even if food gets on the floor, it would be safe enough for you or your kids to eat it anyway.
An essential part of a clean home is to have a clean floor, whether it is the kitchen/toilet tiles or the wooden flooring in the rooms, the floor kinds of form the backbone of the home. Whether it is clean makes a huge difference in whether your home will feel inviting or not.
Soapnut Republic floor cleaner is made from natural soapnut berries extract to make cleaning safe, so no toxic fumes from chemicals in "pine scented floor cleaners". Eucalyptus essential oils are blended in not just for the refreshing smell, but also for the anti-insect properties. Tea tree oil is also included for antiseptic purposes to keep the home naturally clean and safe.
Before you actually wet wipe your floor, it is still important that you use a broom or a vacuum to thoroughly remove the dust, crumbs, or pieces of dirt. Only after doing so, should you whip out your mop or cloth to wet wipe the floor. Soapnut Republic floor cleaner is a concentrated liquid, so you only need a little mix into a pail of water for it to work its magic. (~10 ml to 5L or water)
Now that the floor is clean enough to eat off, lazing around on the floor would be just as natural. 
October 13, 2017 — Soapnut Republic