No gloves required Soapnut Republic Dish Soap

Are you suffering from skin dryness on your hands after washing the dishes? Do you need to use gloves to wash the dishes to prevent your skin from peeling? Does your dish soap smell like artificial lemons? 

Stop! Take a look at what you are using to wash your dishes, those bottles of XXX and YYY, might contain more chemicals than you would ever use in a cocktail!! These "cleaning agents" are in fact chemicals that are derived from the by-products of fossil fuels. These chemicals are harmful and shown in many studies to be irritant on the skin and emit fumes that are bad for our respiratory system. 

What to avoid in dish soap?

No SLS / SLES / Coco Sulphate 
No Artificial Fragrance
No Parabens
No Animal Testing
No Triclosan / Tricarbon
No Bleach
No Ammonium

We basically don't want any sulphates as those are skin irritants. Artificial fragrance (most manufacturers simply label this as "fragrance") are a concoction of chemicals and they are not required to list them. Disinfecting with triclosan, bleach or annomium is also a No-No, as these chemicals are really harmful and posionous. Right, never could understand why we use poison to clean!!

What goes into Soapnut Republic Dish Soap?

Soapnut Berry Extract
100% Plant-based (VEGAN)
Organic Essential Oils

Using soapnut berry extract as the key surfactant or "cleaning agent" makes our bottles of dish soap as natural as it gets. There is no chemicals, and the soap is generated naturally. We only use plant based ingredients, so everything is biodegradable and suitable for VEGANs. Finally, essential oils are used for cleaning purpose, to disinfect, and to provide the uplifting scent naturally. You can also find out more about what ingredients are safe, even though they have weird chemical names.

You really don't have to settle for something that is harming you. Just because it is marketed widely, or what your parents used to use, doesn't make it safe for you. 

Are you ready to go bare hands to wash your dishes?


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March 03, 2018 — Fionna Lee