Soapnut Republic Dish Soap Safer Baby Bottle Washing Liquid

Does the baby bottle washing liquid you use have these chemicals!

Regular baby bottle washing liquid or soap from well known manufacturers typically use similar raw materials to create the soap that is used for baby bottle washing. I would say that majority of these regular baby bottle washing liquid would have one or more of these unsafe chemicals: SLS, SLES, Perfume (a.k.a Artificial Fragrance), Sulphates, etc ... otherwise, they might not even publish an ingredient list on their bottles, which makes them even more suspicious!

First check how soap is created

Whichever baby bottle washing liquid you use, identify how soap has been created. After all, the main purpose of using a baby bottle washing liquid is to clean baby bottles, remove milk stains, and remove germs/bacteria. Make sure the soap is not some chemical derived from a by product of petrochemicals. Make sure there is no sulphates. Even if it is stated to be eco-friendly and biodegradable, go research the ingredient on EWG and make sure that it is indeed safe for you and will not cause any skin irritation or allergic reaction. Remember, just because it says it is green does not mean it is safe.

Say No to perfume or artificial fragrances

I can almost say that this is the worst “chemical” of all. Artificial fragrance is in fact a cocktail of hundreds (100++) of chemicals that might cause respiratory issues and endocrine inhibitors. If I were you, I will not use anything that states it uses perfume or fragrances on the label. And, always err on the safe side. Either go with no fragrance or go with those that have pure essential oils.

Why a natural dish soap is a safer alternative to specialize bottle washing liquid?

Natural dish soap typically do not contain the chemical ingredients and artificial fragrance that have been mentioned above. By using natural ingredients, it makes cleaning baby bottles safer as there will be no chemical residues. 
There is no difference in how you use a dish soap to clean vs a specialise bottle washing liquid. Pour a small amount into the bottle and mix with water and brush against all the sides, ensuring that all milk stains are removed. Teats and bottle covers can be soaked in mixture of dish soap and water and brushed gently with a small brush. 
Rinse dry bottles and you are good to go. For infants and babies 1 year and below, it is still recommended to use a steamer to sterilised the bottles.

Soapnut Republic Dish Soap for baby bottle washing

We use it in our family for both our children. When we “finally” discovered Soapnut Republic, we were thrilled to make the switch. At that time, our kids were 3.5 years and 1.5 years old. (The founders, Kim and Bobby, were in fact, using their dish soap to clean the bottles for their newborn baby girl too.) 
Do try the safer baby bottle washing liquid ... Soapnut Republic Dish Soap.
Safer baby bottle washing liquid - Soapnut Republic Dish Soap
March 14, 2018 — Fionna Lee