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Childhood allergies are on the rise in Singapore, including for asthma and eczema. We discussed asthma previously (here), and here I like to share about my own experience with eczema. My younger child from birth has more sensitive skin, frequently getting rashes and redness in the bum. As he grew older, he often had patches of dry scaly skin that itch on this back and his hands. Thankfully, it never got more serious and turn red and blistered.
However, that sent me on a mission to clean up my home and also to find products that were suited for my little sensitive one. So, below is what I do and what I use. (Disclaimer: Except for Soapnut Republic, which I personally sell, none of the other products mention below are paid endorsements.)
1. Keep my little one moisturised 
Using a good moisturiser is important. Especially so in humid Singapore, where you have to get a moisturiser that hydrates yet does not feel thick and sticky. Cetaphil and Eucerin are what I use, but I do recommend you try different products and evaluate which works best for your child.
soapnut eucerin skin allergiessoapnut cetaphil skin allergies for babies
2. Clean up in the shower
Use a natural skin care product, and make sure there is absolutely no SLS, no SLES, no sulphates (be wary about this, as sulphate may come in various names, including coco sulphate), no parabens, no fragrances (absolutely no fragrances, as these would contain many unknown chemicals). 
Instead use products that have natural ingredients and what I use at home is Gaia.
soapnut gaia body wash children kids baby
3. Instant relief from the itch with a topical/spot remedy
Bebebalm Eczema Cream is a home remedy by a Filipino couple that produces this natural remedy / cream for people suffering from eczema. It is also a good moisturiser. Bebebalm also has a wonderful insect repellant product that is all natural, repels mosquitoes and the best part of it … anti-itch! 
soapnut bebebalm eczema cream
4. Wear breathable and comfortable clothing
Organic clothing, bamboo fire cotton would work well in the hot and humid country in Singapore. Lesser coloured dyes too. 
Little by Little ( has a range of organic cotton tees that are designed by the founders themselves.
5. Using safe laundry detergent
Soapnut Republic laundry liquid is all natural, using soap nut berry extracts for effective cleaning, lemongrass essential oils for antiseptic and antimicrobial properties. Keeps all our clothing freshly clean and still safe on our skin when our kids wear it. 
6. Keeping my home naturally clean
Mould, dust mites, etc are all triggers for allergic reaction, which causes eczema and also other allergies, i.e. asthma, etc. Keep your home naturally clean with regular cleaning, but more importantly, with cleaning products that are safe and do not have toxic chemicals that causes the allergies. 
Soapnut republic range of home care products are suitable for all households, and you can explore and buy our full range of products at our online store
Finally, every action makes a difference, but you do not have to stress over getting everything absolutely right at the first instance. Take little steps but make progress towards the natural lifestyle you want for you and your family. 
Hope this article has helped you, feel free to share to your friends. :)
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November 03, 2017 — Fionna Lee