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Thank you Janet for being a fan!

​Hong Kong Super Model, Janet Ma 馬詩慧小姐, has been a fan since 2016. She personally believes in having an all-rounded healthy lifestyle, which includes what she uses to clean at home. She loves Soapnut Republic because all our products are natural, non-toxic and allergen free, giving her peace of mind for the safety of her loved ones.

We are so excited that customers are loving Soapnut Republic products.

They love it because it is natural, non-toxic and allergen free. No SLS/SLES in our products. No artificial fragrance. No unlisted chemicals on our products. So no matter how you use it (with or without gloves, with or without a mask), where you use it (bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom), it causes no harm to you and your loved ones.  

Eco-conscious customers are loving our products because it is 100% plant-based. (Yes, it is Vegan!) Soapnuts are grown sustainably and organically and they are biodegradable leaving no harm to our mother earth.

Every one loves the Soapnut goodness in each and every bottle. Why? Soapnuts naturally produces soap and cleans soooo effectively. At the same time has all sorts of health benefits for the skin, hair, etc.


​More rave reviews from our fans

"By far the most effective eco-cleaner I've used and I love the smell!"

"Your skin absorbs all it is in contact with. Think about it... If your skin is in contact with clothes that were washed with a healthy, natural product, it feels good. It makes all the difference with eco friendly detergent for the skin."

"Soapnut Republic has solved my daughter's itchy skin condition with their natural Laundry Liquid. More mums need to know about this product range. It is the bomb for sensitive young skin!"

"It makes my clothes soft with good aroma. Love eco friendly products"
​Lilian Fung

​"Not drying on my hands. Don't have to worry about my skin peeling when I wash the dishes or do the laundry."
​Emily Ting

"Love the luxurious sensation of the foaming hand wash. The essential oils are very therapeutic"
Zilin Tan

"Yes I really loved your products and was only thinking I wanted to get some more."
Sinead Lyons

​Do keep on sending the love for Soapnut Republic, we are always delighted to hear about how you found our products effective and beneficial in your every day life.


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January 11, 2018 — Fionna Lee
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