Loofah (Whole)

$ 4.00 SGD

Whole Loofah - Natural Sponge alternative that is GENTLE and ECO-FRIENDLY.

What is a Loofah?

A loofah (or luffa) refers to the sun-dried fibre membrane of a gourd or fruit of a species of the cucumber family. The young gourd is typically eaten as a vegetable. The gourds can be left to grow and eventually sun-dried to produce the fibre membrane of a loofah (as seen). The gourds are typically grown in China, Vietnam and India.

What are Loofahs good for?

Loofahs are the perfect alternative to using a sponge. It is typically better known as a scrub for use in the shower. However, it works very well as a sponge to clean your dishes, cutleries, pots and pans too.

Benefits of using Loofahs?

  • Good for scrubbing, due to the mesh-like fibre membrane
  • Gentle on dishes and pans (no scratches) as fibre is flexible
  • Does not grow mould for months (air dry after every wash for long lasting effect)
  • Biodegradable (it's a fruit)


Whole loofah

Size: 30-35 cm approximately
Note that loofahs are natural products and comes in different width and length.
Cut to your desired length for usage.

Unbleached loofah
Note that the loofahs we sell are brown in colour, NOT white, which are the commonly found bleached version.

Customer Reviews

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Winnie See

It doesn’t smell unlike sponge. Using loofah to wash the dishes cleans well and no worries of scratches while it scrubs. Get the Sgd 6 piece and cut to your desired length .