Get, Set, Goal Pack

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Are you a "ready to go from work to life to gym and back to work" individual?

Do you actively and consciously look for quality products that value-add to your life, and not want to be a slave to the ordinary?

At Soapnut Republic, we do too ... 

IN collaboration with The Busy Woman Project #teambusywoman, we have put together a pack of essential cleaning products that would fit right into your scheduled lifestyle.


What's included?

Multi-Purpose Cleaner - 1x 500 ml (bottle)

Wipe away yesterday's mess and kick off a wonderful workday.

Dinner party? Zap away dust and grime minutes before guests are due to arrive. 

Morning yoga? Cool down & wipe down your yoga mat.

Coffee spills? Yes, s*** happens! Spray and scrub away stains quickly.

Natural soap powers through oil, dirt and the toughest stains, so you can save your arm strength for your party moves.

Get Set Goal with Multi-purpose cleaner


Fruit & Vegetable Wash - 1x 500 ml (bottle)

Peel, rinse and go ... Kale, broccoli, cucumber, capsicum, etc ... all clean and safe for that packed salad to go.

Apple, grapes, cherries ... no problem too

Use Soapnut Republic Fruit & Vegetable Wash to get rid of pesticides, dirt, and wax from your fruits and vegetables.

Get Set Goal with Fruit & Vegetable Wash 


Foaming Hand Wash in Lemongrass - 1x 500 ml (bottle)

Pamper yourself as you wash your hands.

Soap from soapnut berries is naturally gentle on the skin, keeping the moisture in your hands, even as you rinse off the dirt.

Pure lemongrass essential oil that is naturally antibacterial, kills germs and indulges your hands in a luxurious hand spa.

Get Set Goal with Lemongrass Foaming Hand Wash 


Who is Soapnut Republic?

Soapnut Republic is the natural and safe alternative to cleaning that you deserve. All our products are made from Soapnut Berries extract, to provide the safest soap for cleaning, mixed with natural plant-based ingredients and blended with pure essential oils.


Customer Reviews

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A product to recommend

I have been using the Soapnut Republic Get, Set, Goal Pack for 2 weeks now.

I used the multi-purpose cleaner for almost all the surfaces especially kitchen table top and also my yoga mat!

The fruit and vegetable wash is amazing to remove the dirts and pests residue. The safe ingredients ensure me to continue to use it.

I personally love the Foaming Hand Soap the most. The lemongrass scent is so therapeutic and keep me clean and protected from bacteria.

Soapnut RepublicGet, Set, Goal Pack

Love Soapnut ! Multi-Purpose Cleaner it help to cleaning my house with good environment , Fruit & Vegetable Wash it help to get rid of pesticides, dirt, and wax from fruits and vegetables , Foaming Hand Wash in Lemongrass Pure come with lemongrass essential oil that is naturally antibacterial and kills germs.


Love Soapnut! Feels good to know I’m helping the environment and cleaning my house at the same time!