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Yes, we know our fairy tales 😃
Undoubtedly, Soapnut Republic Fruit & Vegetable wash would not have any impact on that apple, which had been magically infused with poison by the evil stepmom / Queen. 
But, I digress … 
Let’s get back to the main topic at hand: Why do we need a fruit & vegetable wash?
Agriculture (i.e. farming) has come a long long way from the old kampong (country side) days where mostly natural fertilisers (i.e. farm animals’ poo poo) are used to provide nutrients to the fruits and vegetables. Additionally, farmers then were more hands on in bending over to manually prune the leaves, and remove the pests and weeds. These days, in the name of industrialisation and mass production, many farms use commercial fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides, and these chemicals are harmful. (Stop for a minute to think about how these are used to kill insects and weeds, in small amounts they might not matter, but the chemicals add up in your body as you consumer over the years.)
These chemicals are typically oil based and linger on the surfaces fruits and vegetables. Certain fruits (the pretty and delicate ones) are the kinds that require the most pesticides to grow and also have the most chemicals lingering on them. These include my daughters favourite fruit - strawberries - and others like grapes, cherries, etc. Leaves of vegetables are also sprayed on to prevent the worms from having their feast, so be sure not to have your feast of vege and chemicals at the same time. Special mention also for broccoli here a pesticide/preservative is sprayed on to the flower, and simple boiling does not remove the chemical. A decent fruit and vegetable wash, that is able to dissolve oil based pesticides, etc is required to thoroughly clean a broccoli. 
(Go ahead and try it yourself: drip water onto the flower head of a broccoli and watch the water droplets flow off the broccoli without even making it damp. Then, spray some Soapnut Republic Fruit & Vegetable wash on the flower head and gently run with your hands. Rinse off, and this time you will notice that the water seeps into the broccoli. The oil based pesticide/preservative have been effectively washed off)
How do I wash my fruits and vegetables properly?
For fruits, place in basin and first rinse with water, then spray some Soapnut Republic Fruit & Vegetable wash, and add some water to cover the surfaces of the fruit. Soak for about a minute then gently rub the surfaces of the fruit. You may use a soft brush for apples, pears to also remove the wax on the skin. For strawberries, cherries, etc, simply swirl the basin gently and wash off. Make a final rinse and you are done.
For vegetables, peel/pluck your vegetables and place in a basin. Do 1 round of rinse, then spray on Soapnut Republic Fruit & Vegetable wash and add water to soak for a minute. Next pour away the water and soap, and make 1 final rinse. Done.
I buy organic vegetables, do I still need a fruit and vegetable wash?
Organic is typically refers only to the process of growing the fruit/vegetables with natural ingredients. No chemicals should have been used in the process. However, during the packaging and the transportation, it is very difficult to provide a truly “pure” environment where there are no contaminants. Think about the exhaust fumes that settles on the fruit during transportation. To be on the safe side, I clean my fruits and vegetables even when I buy organic, but its entirely your choice. 😃
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September 22, 2017 — Fionna Lee