soapnut home cleaning breeze
Most of us would admit that cleaning is hard work, and on a beautiful, bright Saturday morning, the idea of spending hours at home cleaning up definitely doesn't stack up to a nice brunch with coffee.
So, then begs the question of how can we escape the mundane, tiresome chore of cleaning?
Well, the best thing we can do it to slice up cleaning into iteratively small (bite-size) actions that can be done as we go about our every day life. Just like having a vodka shot (or tequila, if that suits your taste more). 
Quick and simple.
Here's some tips ...
Wipe off surfaces immediately ... this applies to all situations at home and all scenarios.
While you prepare ingredients for meals, wipe off any dirt immediately after
While you cook, wipe off any spills immediately after
After a meal, wipe off the table and chairs immediately after
Soap & clean stains immediately ...
Spilled a glass of wine on your carpet or sofa? Apply Soapnut Republic natural stain remover and run gently with a damp cloth
Your kids left a marker stain on your blouse? Spray a natural stain remover and rub gently, finish off with a little liquid laundry on the stubborn spot. Wash.
Breakfast in bed, and the coffee spilt? Stain remover to the rescue again. Spray, rub and soak. Wash.
Don’t pile, wash the laundry … 
Don’t let dirty clothes pile up for days and weeks (?!),  every time you get a full load, start washing. Then you will never be overwhelmed by a full day of laundry.
Once a day trick for some places …
Coffee machine, wipe down and dry after use
Fruit juicer, wash and rinse and dry after use
Toilet wash basin, wipe and dry after use
Bath tub, rinse and wash after a shower
Car, wipe or clean your window after a rain shower
You’re getting the drill!
The idea is not to let dirt build up over time making it more difficult to clean or remove a stain. Break down cleaning into little steps and weave them into your every day life. It will make your home cleaner and you a happier (possibly, more sane) person too.
About Soapnut Republic
Soap that grows on trees, Soapnut Berries (Sapindus), are finally in a convenient and ready to use format in Soapnut Republic Personal and Home Care products, which are extremely effective, completely safe, non-toxic, allergen free and biodegradable. Our key surfactant ingredient is natural soapnut berry extract, which we blend with the finest selection of essential oils, and plant and mineral ingredients from around the world.
September 29, 2017 — Fionna Lee