We all love wearing luxurious silks and other cool fabrics due to hot weather in Singapore and South East Asia, but washing silk clothing has always involved more than just the washing machine (!!).

how to wash silk properly 

Not knowing how to wash silk can result in far too many trips to the dry cleaners. This can be costly, but it is also important to be aware that traditional dry cleaners use Perchloroethylene (also known as PERC) which is recognised globally as toxic to human health and the environment.

Handwashing is by far the safest method for cleaning silk and most delicate fabrics. Here’s how to do it the non-toxic way with Soapnut Republic Wool, Cashmere and Silk Shampoo.

Hand wash with Soapnut Republic Delicate Wool and Silk Shampoo

Start by performing a water test on an inconspicuous area of your silk. Take a white cloth and wet the area. Gently press the area with the wet towel to see if any colour runs from the silk.

If the colour-fastness test was successful, the next step is to treat stains with Soapnut Republic Natural Stain Remover.

Remove visible stains with natural stain remover 

Then pour 50ml of Soapnut Republic Delicates Shampoo into a basin of cold water, and agitate the water with your hands to mix in the detergent.

Prepare wool cashmere and silk shampoo soak 

Submerge the fabric and give the garment a gentle stir before leaving it to soak for no more than five minutes.

Soak silk in wool cashmere silk shampoo solution 

Drain the water from the bowl, replace with clean water and rinse.

Once you have rinsed the silk, remove the silk from the bowl and lay flat on a towel. Roll the silk in the towel and gently press on the towel to absorb the water from the silk. Lay the silk out on a fresh towel and leave to dry flat.

Roll silk out on a dry towel 

If you choose to wash silk in a washing machine, make sure you do so on the “Delicates” setting. Also, place the item in a mesh washing bag to avoid snags and tears. 

Finally, when cleaning silk, always handle the material with care and avoid applying too much pressure as this can damage the silk.

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July 28, 2018 — Soapnut Republic