Here we offer five tips to keep your activewear looking and smelling great, and keeping up with your performance.
soapnut republic laundry powder activewear
1.  Wash in cold water. Washing in hot water can break down the fabric and leads to shrinkage. All Soapnut Republic laundry care products are designed to perform best in cold water.
2.  Machine wash after each wear with Soapnut Republic Laundry Powder. Our robust, non-toxic, low-suds formula is highly concentrated so only a small amount is needed to achieve extremely effective results.
3.  If you are washing delicate performance gear, we recommend machine washing your garments within appropriately sized mesh laundry bags to avoid damage.
soapnut republic laundry powder activewear laundry mesh
4.  Don’t use toxic fabric softeners. The chemicals contained in most of these products will build up in the material and eventually make your activewear far less effective for keeping you cool. If you prefer to add softener, we recommend adding ¼ of a cup of white vinegar to your machine’s rinse cycle for a natural and very effective alternative.
5.  Air dry your active wear. Heat and agitation during a machine drying cycle can change the fit, reduce elasticity and alter the performance of your garments.
soapnut republic laundry powder activewear air dry
Following these tips will allow you to enjoy training with clean, undamaged clothes. With a US$56 billion global active-wear market, active wear isn’t going anywhere but to the laundry room (Lingerie Journal Staff, 2016). 
Let us help you to keep yours looking good!
August 25, 2018 — Fionna Lee