The Best Mothers' Day Gift Ever

Make this Mother’s Day special by gifting the best Mother’s Day gift in the world, applicable to mums of all generations, in-laws included.

Gift the gift of … *drum roll*  


Husbands, sons, and daughters today is the day for you to shine (no kidding!), and here are some tips to help you pull this through while keeping your sanity and dignity. 
(You can thank us later!)

  1. Start “sweeping” the floor with your robot vacuum cleaner
    (No robot? What are kids for? Get them to chip in with the broom)
  2. For more advanced robot cleaners, add a suitable amount of natural eucalyptus floor cleaner, and stay away while your robot does the magic
    (Traditional mop or cloth would work just the same, in case you were wondering)
  3. Next, clean obvious visible surfaces (dining table, dressing table, vanity top, etc) with a natural multi-purpose cleaner; spray & wipe down in seconds
  4. Shine the taps with a natural cream cleanser so your wife/mum/MIL natural beauty sparkles in the reflection
  5. No laundry today to block the awesome view from the balcony
  6. Done. Enjoy a Feel Good Home.
  7. Sit back and enjoy an afternoon with your wife/mum/MIL over a cup of tea and pastry. 

This gift is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, but just for today get this gift for $0. 
You read it right, such unbelievable value at zero cost, grab yours today, while stocks last. 


How to buy?
Print this out & show to your Husband/Son/Daughter … and let the magic happen.

This is fictional sales promotion, any resemblance to real-world personalities or characters is purely coincidental. No children, husbands, sons or daughters were harmed in the production of this material. 


Soapnut Republic is a producer of natural cleaning products, that uses berries extract to create soap, which is then blended with other plant-based minerals and essential oils to produce cleaning products that are safe for you and also gentle for the environment. 


p.s. Happy Mother’s Day!

p.s.s. Congrats, you read till here. 🙂 
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* Circle as applicable, take note of your personal physical condition when making the selection