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Great cleaner

I love the scent and it kept my toilet sparkling clean.

Hand soap pump

Would be good to improve on the pump so that it is easier to dispense the soap. Currently, need to use abit of force before the soap is dispensed.

Gentle and smells divine

We use this hand soap for everyone in our family. It is gentle on sensitive skin but also smells really lovely. Leaves your hands feeling clean but not coated. Highly recommended.

Love the smell and texture

I finally finished the 5l and will be replenishing !!

Refreshing handsoap

Smell nice and I like it. Will buy again :)

Very good result

Since I changed to use Soapnut Republic, it gave me very good result and experience. The clothes are showing it's original, no more white mark ect, it is very good smell too. Now I am looking for one more product to handle the silk item, really appreciated and wealth to recommend Soapnut Republic

Will definitely buy again and again

I've been hooked to this product since my first purchase. It effectively removes the coating on all fruits and vegetables, and easy to rinse.

Multi purpose cleaner

The citrus is pleasant .not choking to the nose
Use on sink n counter top

Dish wash

A little goes a long way.Plates n cups feel clean.
Remove grease quickly.

natural stain remover

highly recommend the stain remover its really works n remover my pillow case with old yellowish stain

Family’s favourite handsoap

Bought the large refill as our small bottles have been used up. This is probably the only hand soap we will use for now, non drying and cleans well!

Smells pleasant but...

Smells pleasant, but bottle pump is defective....push down and it won’t come up again

Laundry liquid & Stainer remover

Love the low sud n not highly pe.rfume smell for the laundry liquid.
I use the stainer remover on my kitchen top too besides on stained clothing.

The best thing about the hand wash is that it does not dry your hands. I am yet to use the lavender soap, both mint and lemongrass are good, a bit more fragrance for lemongrass would be nice. Mint is perfect.

i really love the natural floor cleaner no rinse needed and the gentle fresh scent

Laundry Liquid with Lemongrass E.O. (1L)

Hard on stain and grime. But gentlemen on fabric. The smell is naturally refreshing and rinses off easily, thus saving water as no multiple rinsing is needed.

Nozzle hard to press

Recommend you take a look at other nozzles eg kirei, where it’s much easier to press the pump

Lemongrass hand wash

The lemongrass smell is too faint and does not smell lemongrassy enough, I usually like lemongrass (eg handcream) so was a bit disappointed. The mint one is nice and refreshing.

Must have

Just like the other SoapNut Republic product, this Cream Cleanser finishes off the cleaning with a non sticky feel and good smell. Love it being all natural and safe to use.

Sparkling clean

I used this SoapNut Republic floor cleaner to our new home and it didn't disappoint. Its exactly what I had been looking for in a floor cleaner, natural, good smelling and it gave my floor tiles a sparkling clean finish! I love the smell of it too! Definitely will be a staple in our household :)

Best for your home

Its already been a few weeks since I first started using Soap Nut Republic Multi Purpose cleaner to our new home. I must say, its the BEST I've ever used! The citrus smell is gentle, and it cleans perfectly as I don't need to rinse it off after use Definitely worth buying!


I hv been ordering soapnuts from time to.time as I am trying out others.
Still find the hand-wash the most softening for skin.
I like to suggest to replace the pump as it require to push down hard to release the foam.

Lavender hand soap

Love how the soap is gentle on skin. My hands did not feel dry even after constant hand washing. Most importantly, the lavender scent smelt so good!

Favourite hand soap!

Gave the trio handsoap bundle as a gift and my friend loved it! I use the hand soap all the time too - the lavender scent is my favourite.

Best Handsoap

I have been using this since i chanced upon it at Boutique Fair. Love it!