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Repeat purchase

Love the non-chemical gentle hand wash without drying the hands and nice scent!

Hand Soap Trio Bundle
Priscilla Liu
Great hand wash

Love that the hand wash has no chemicals and it's made from soap nuts. It's so gentle on the skin and not drying at all.

Repeated Purchase

I can't remember how many times I have bought this floor cleaner. I like the smell and the floor is so clean after mopping it.

Nice subtle lemongrass scent.

This laundry detergent not only smells good, is low sud too which is good for my front load washer.

Floor Cleaner with Eucalyptus E.O. (1L)

Another good product from Soapnut Republic. Love how squeeky clean the floor is, after mopping it. Love the smell too. A repeat customer.

Also tried the liquid detergent. Would be great if it comes in capsules form.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

This is my second purchase. An awesome product to rid off grease and dirt !! Works very well with any surface. Smells great and it is gentle on the hands. Also, love the floor cleaner with eucalyptus EO; the dish soap and the liquid detergent .

It is gentle on the hands.

Repeated purchase

Love the scent and the after-use feels on the floor. Been using this since few years back and never looked back

love the lavender and mint hand soap!! so refreshing!

love the lemongrass in it!! so refreshing!

I like the subtle lemon grass scent for the hand soap and laundry liquid. For the dish detergent, it will be better if it comes with the pump nozzle. For the laundry liquid, it will be easier if it comes with a measuring cap. It’s will be great to have bigger capacity laundry liquid as it’s used up pretty fast for the current bottle size. Love all the products from the trial pack. Will surely order more of the laundry liquid, dish soap and hand soap.

This is my second time ordering this product, the family including my 3 young grandchildren love it’s gentleness and most importantly it’s natural source!

Repeat purchase

Been using the hand soap for nearly 3 years, got the 5l refill each time.. saves the earth and gentle on the hands!

Love the soaps!!!

Absolutely love the hand soaps and it’s Singapore brand, so I’m doubly happy!!!

Best fruit wash

This is an awesome product. Washes clean and does not leave a soapy residue after. The biggest plus is that it's a natural wash. This is probably my 3rd bottle purchased. I hope you guys will consider selling this in the larger refillable containers like the hand wash because it's a pity having to constantly throw out those lovely spray bottles when the product is finished.

Laundry liquid

I like the smell and consistency of the laundry liquid. It’s a bit difficult to dispense into a 50 ml measure. But even if I love it, feel at $1.10 per wash it’s too expensive for me to continue using it.
I really like your products and ethos, so would love to continue using them. Love you hand soaps, as do my friends and yoga students who use it in our guest bathroom. I haven’t tried the dish liquid yet, and fortunately I have a smaller pump container to transfer it to. I may try the washing powder again if it’s a more affordable open for clothes washing.

I love the non-chemical, natural scent of the hand soap. Best, it is actually edible !
Thanks for having the dispenser fixed - I am getting foam for this new bottle I just bought.

Good quality products

I liked the fragrance of lemongrass after wash. Clothes felt refreshed!

Laundry Soaker (1Kg)
Naz Abdul Rahim
Removes Odour!

My dry fits always have a certain smell that wouldn't go away even when using softerner. Finally a better option.

I love the fresh scent after mop. thorough and do not require to rinse. Best product !!

Dish Soap

it cleans the grease and protect our hands. strongly recommended.

No strong smell

Nice product, around 90% effective in removing food stains from kid's clothes.

Great products.

Lemongrass is addictive

Love’s one of those secret great stuffs that u would hate to have others find out!

Favourite hand soap

Love Soapnut Republic’s hand soaps. Great scents and gentle on the skin. One bottle lasts a long time. Only gripe is that refills are either available online in 5L (which is a lot!) or in Marina One only.