Laundry Powder (1Kg)

$ 20.00 SGD

Fresh Laundry. Clean Earth.

Designed for top loaders, front loaders and hand washing, our low suds formula is concentrated so only a small amount is required to achieve extremely effective results. Powered with biodegradable soapnut powder, and enhanced with plant and mineral ingredients, it is the safest choice for your family and the environment.


  • Soapnut Berry Extract
  • Gentle on your skin
  • Gentle on fabrics
  • Low suds
  • No scent
  • High active ingredients
  • Suitable for front and top loaded
  • Eco-friendly
  • Up to 80 washes for front loader

How To Use

Each box includes a standard scoop. For front loader, use half a scoop per average load size. For top loader use a full scoop.


Soapnut Berry (Sapindus Mukorossi) Extract, Sodium Carbonate (Washing Soda), Sodium Citrate (Natural Buffer), Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), Alpha Olefin Sulfonates, Sodium Sulphate, Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside (Plant Based Surfactant), Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (Plant Based), Sodium Oleate (Soap), Sodium Aluninosilicate (Zeolite), Enzymes (Proteases), Sodium Polyaspartate

Soapnut Republic is committed to bring the safest product to you and your family. All our ingredients are tested allergen free, plant based and never tested on animals.

  • Fragrance free
  • Phthalate free
  • Palm oil free
  • Cruelty free

What Are Soapnuts

Soapnut berries have been used to make natural hair and body care products for centuries. The berries are rich in natural saponin (a safe and natural alternative to conventional soap), and they effectively cleans without disrupting the natural pH balance of your skin.

👉 Learn more about Soapnuts


适用于热水与冷水,在洗衣机的抽出装置里加入适量产品并设置好程序。如用手洗,请将1/2勺(13毫升)洗衣粉溶于5升清水中,如为 顽固污渍,请浸泡1小时或整晚。适用于上掀式、前置式机器及手洗。 本产品为浓缩型低泡沫配方,因此您只需使用少许剂量就能让衣物干净清新。

容量: 1Kg


浓无患子清洁液,碳酸钠(_洗涤碱),柠檬酸钠(柑橘),碳酸氢钠 (小苏打),硫酸钠,癸糖苷(植物表面活性剂),羧甲基纤维素钠,油酸钠,沸石,无患子水,聚天冬氨酸钠

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Yong Hui Shze Joey
Highly recommended

Cleans very well and keeps my clothes soft. Love that it is natural too. I've tried many environmental friendly laundry detergent and this is by far the best - cleans the best, smell natural and reasonably priced.

Fav Laundry Powder!

A little goes a long way! Just need a little of the powder and it cleans very well! I use it for laundry, kitchen cloths (removes grease very well!) & I also use it to handwash reusable masks! Last abt 6 mths for me. (Family of 2) This is my 2nd purchase, highly recommended! First time trying the stain remover & it works well too!

Rina Bakar
Love it

Love how gentle it is on my skin. Yet strong enough to clean.

Malinda Portwig
Laurndry Powder

I have been buying this product since March 2019 and love it, love the fact that it is neutral to the environment and also that there is no artificial smell to the laundry

Elaine Thong
Laundry powder

Clean & fresh with natural scent ,clothes are soft especially towels love it 😊