Tips Allergy Free Home Healthy Living

If you deal with allergies very often, then a good idea is to allergy proof your home as fast as possible. There are many benefits you get when you create allergy free home. For example, you will get to stay healthy and step away from any allergens. Also, it’s just a better way to stay focused on the things you want to do without that much of a problem. If you want to keep your home free from any allergies, here are some great allergy free home tips you can use everyday!

Remove the clutter

The more clutter you have in your home, the tougher it will be for you to avoid allergens. That’s why some of the best allergy free home tips require you to de-clutter your home. The less stuff you have in your room, the harder it will be for allergens to exist in that specific location. Using a minimalist approach can pay off very well here!

Improve your home’s ventilation and use air filters

If you want to create allergy free home, you need to clean the air. Check the ventilation system and clean the filters. It’s important to use the HEPA filters, as these have a very good efficiency and deliver an extremely impressive value. Also, keep the humidity level in your home at around 50%. Keep the windows closed when the pollen count tends to be very high, especially during the early morning or when it’s windy outside!

Choose machine-washable curtains

Normally, it’s a good idea to opt for shades or blinds as they trap fewer allergens. In case you want curtains, you may want to focus on the machine-washable ones. You need to clean them often, and if you do that the results can be very good for you.

Remove any still water from your bathroom (or any other room) 

Still water can lead to mold, and that on its own is a major source of allergies. One of the best allergy free home tips is to check your home for still water and other potential sources of allergies as often as possible. It can help you quite a lot, so try to use that to your advantage. Not to mention that it is also a breeding ground for mosquitoes!


Opt for natural, safe cleaning products

Chemical-based cleaning products tend to include lots of substances that include allergens, i.e. sulphates, parabens, artificial fragrances, etc. What you want to do here is to opt for the natural products. These are created solely from natural ingredients, so there are no allergens here. Also, natural products can be used for any room and cleaning activity. So, it doesn’t matter if you want to clean your living room, kitchen, bedroom, toilet or if you want to do your laundry, these cleaning products can work really well.

It’s really not that hard to create an allergy free home.

The idea is to keep your home clean with natural products and clean up at least once or twice a month, if not a lot more often. Changing the filters and opting for some more efficient ones is also helpful. Consider using these great tips, and you will have no problem enjoying an allergy-free environment!

February 01, 2018 — Fionna Lee