Meditation & Yin Yoga Instructor Elizabeth Schieffelin always chooses Soapnut Republic Multi Purpose Spray to clean her yoga mat.
“I love that it's safe for my skin to touch, it really cleans the mat and it smells great. There are no harsh chemicals, so I really trust the product."

Soapnut Republic Multi-Purpose Cleaner is A Safer, Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner

Removes grime from yoga mat
Removes sweat odour
No rinse formula (Spray & wipe)
Gentle on your hands
Naturally scented with citrus essential oil
Naturally antibacterial & anti fungal with tea tree essential oil

Soapnut Republic’s natural home cleaning and personal care products are safer for you, your family and the environment. Powered by natural soapnut berry extract and pure essential oils, our products are non-toxic, allergen free and biodegradable.

June 04, 2020 — Edwin Ting