Thank you to everyone who came by over the weekend of 2-3 Nov 2019 at South Beach to join in The Conscious Festival by Green Is The New Black.

Soapnut Republic was proud and honoured to have been part of this event promoting conscious mindset and sustainable lifestyle.

To everyone who came by our booth, we shared about the soapnut berries that we use to generate soap for our cleaning products, there are no parabens, no palm oil, and no harsh chemicals. Soapnut berries are grown sustainably in China, Nepal and India, and as a raw ingredient, after the soap is extracted the soap berries decompose and go back to the earth.

We also ran the only REFILL station at the event, where customers could bring their own bottles and buy natural cleaning products in any amount. As part of promoting a sustainable, zero waste lifestyle, we had a promotion to give away free 100 ml of any of our refill items if you brought along your own bottles. Thanks to everyone who came with their own bottles.

Soapnut Republic Green Is the new black refill

We look forward to an increasingly more conscious society that values sustainability.

For refill of Soapnut Republic products, you may visit The Social Space, Marina One. Learn more here.

November 20, 2019 — Fionna Lee
Tags: Pop Up