Kim Gilliland, CEO & Founder of Soapnut Republic, recently had an interview with MommyDiaries, an online lifestyle guide for moms and moms-to-be in Shanghai, about using an eco-friendly & natural product.

Soapnut Republic Natural Eco-friendly Dish Soap

MommyDiaries: How is your brand eco-friendly?

Kim: Our formulations are biodegradable and safe for the environment. Customers can refill and recycle their empty bottles at our Yanping Lu office. There are now a lot of people in China purchasing our 5-Litre bottles so they can simply refill at home. We send a lot of product in 20-Litre recyclable steel drums to zero waste stores in Hong Kong and Singapore. I’d like this to become a bigger part of our business in mainland China too.

SR Natural Eco-friendly Fruit & Vegetable Wash

MommyDiaries: What is your product made from?

Kim: Soapnut berry extract is the key ingredient in every Soapnut Republic product. It is a 100% natural surfactant (soap), and also non-toxic, allergen-free and biodegradable. We blend the soapnut berry extract with safe plant and mineral ingredients, and pure essential oils for their antibacterial properties and natural fragrance.

Soapnut republic Natural Eco-friendly Laundry Liquid

MommyDiaries: Why would this be safe to use?

Kim: There are still a lot of “eco” brands using biodegradable ingredients such as SLES that are not safe for skin contact. That’s how we differ. Our products are first and foremost safe for the people using them, and safe for the environment. Of course, they are also extremely effective at cleaning, so there’s absolutely no compromise.

Soapnut Republic Child Friendly, Natural & Eco-friendly

MommyDiaries: What is one sustainable living tip you’d like to share?

Kim: Refill or recycle your empty Soapnut Republic bottles. Also, take a reusable water bottle with you everywhere you go.

April 22, 2019 — Fionna Lee