Hello, I'm Fionna, the Brand Partner for Soapnut Republic in Singapore.
The kitchen is where I prepare yummy home cook food for my family, which includes 2 young schooling children. Hence, it is important to keep the kitchen clean and safe.

Keep the kitchen airy

My first tip is to keep the kitchen airy by opening windows and having light shine in. This improves air circulation, letting fresh air come in and stale air to go out.

Use a non-drying, plant based dish washing liquid

soapnut republic clean dishes

I use Soapnut Republic Dish Soap for washing the dishes, utensils, pots and etc, because it is a chemical free dish detergent that is non-drying on my hands. I prefer to wash dishes without gloves, as it allows you to feel the plates and know whether it is clean, but regular chemical products tend to be very harsh on the skin, and cause loads of redness, peeling and puffiness. So, that was a problem! With SR Dish Soap, a little goes a long way, and I can dilute 1:3 parts water and still effectively get rid of oil from deep frying, curry and mala chilli.

Save time with a no rinse, chemical free cleaner

For the rest of the kitchen, I use Soapnut Republic Multi Purpose Cleaner which is a No Rinse Formulation, chemical free all surface purpose cleaner.
No rinse saves me loads of time, as I do not have to soap, wash and rinse all the areas that needs cleaning. I simply need to spray and wipe with a damp cloth.
Using a chemical free, plant based cleaner gives me peace of mind, as it is safe to use, has no toxic fumes which I will breathe in, and leaves no chemical residue that my children will accidentally come into skin contact with.
Here's how I use SR Multi Purpose Cleaner around the kitchen

Kitchen table top

After food preparation, I use a damp cloth and spray some multi purpose cleaner on it to wipe the kitchen preparation table top.
soapnut republic clean kitchen top

Stove, cooker hood and wall tiles

After cooking, even with oil splatter and food stains, I can quickly wipe away all the dirt with a damp cloth and some multi purpose cleaner. No need to soap the stove, scrub and rinse with water.
soapnut republic clean stove
soapnut republic clean tiles

Food processors, i.e. Thermomix

If you also use a Thermomix (food processor), in your kitchen, here's how I clean it. I use the multi purpose cleaner to wipe clean the surface of the machine. Spray some SR Multi Purpose Cleaner onto a damp cloth and wipe the surface of the machine.
soapnut republic clean thermomix
To clean the mixing bowl after cooking, fill half the mixing bowl with water and add 1 squirt of SR Dish Soap (~5 ml), speed 4 for 30 seconds. Pour away soap water and rinse with clean water. Done.

Kitchen sink

After you are done with the dishes, pouring leftover foods down the chute, the sink may have a smell. SR Multi Purpose cleaner not only get rid of the oil and dirt, but also helps to remove any bad odour.
soapnut republic clean sink

Kitchen floor

You don't always have to get into the whole mop repertoire. All you need is to spray some SR Multi Purpose Cleaner and use a damp cloth to wipe away the dirt.
soapnut republic clean floor

Kitchen cabinet

It's bound to happen that your food cupboard will have food grubs and stains. Simply use a damp cloth, spray some SR Multi Purpose Cleaner and wipe clean.
soapnut republic clean cupboard


The fridge needs regular cleaning, especially when you take out and place in food on a daily basis. After your grocery shopping, just before placing the produce into the fridge, take 5 mins to wipe clean the interior surfaces of the fridge. Just 5 mins each time, will go a long way to maintaining the overall state of the machine. Simple spray some SR Multi Purpose Cleaner on a damp cloth and wipe.
soapnut republic clean fridge

Oven, microwave, toaster, etc

Which ever appliance you use at home, it's important to wipe the surfaces clean regularly. This could be after every time you use it to warm food, or toast bread. Or, it could be a habit every two days. (I get busy too, so daily isn't going to work for me.)
soapnut republic clean oven

Coffee machine or kitchen electrical appliances

soapnut republic clean coffee machine

Get rid of grime & smell from your kitchen cloth

When you are done with all the wiping, throw your kitchen cloth into a basin, fill with water and spray some SR Multi Purpose Cleaner into the basin. Soak & rinse and then air dry your kitchen cloth. For an additional boost in scent, sometimes I do a second soak of the cloth, but use SR hand soap in mint or lemongrass to add a refreshing scent to the kitchen cloth before air drying.
soapnut republic clean kitchen cloth

Soapnut Republic Multi Purpose Cleaner

This is a chemical free, natural, multi purpose, all surface cleaner that I know you will love.
It is powered with Soapnut berries, which are berries that naturally produces soap.
With natural Citrus essential oil, you can clean without the choking smell of bleach.
Blended with Natural Tea Tree essential oil to kills germs and bacteria
No rinse formula so you save time cleaning, simply spray and wipe
Non sticky surface after cleaning
Safe for you and your loved ones

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January 17, 2020 — Edwin Ting