Hi there, I'm Fionna.
I'm the Brand Partner of Soapnut Republic Singapore, and I have 2 beautiful children.
Clearing up and cleaning up after 2 young children is always a challenge. Especially when I only have a part time helper who comes in once a week for general cleaning. I know many parents are in the same situation, and I wanted to share how I manage.
This is how I effortlessly clean up after my 2 children ...
To start off, let me introduce my secret weapon ...

Soapnut Republic Multi Purpose Cleaner

Soapnut Republic Multi Purpose Cleaner
This multi purpose cleaner is first and foremost safe for my children, because it is made from all natural, plant-based ingredients with no harmful chemicals. Second, it is a NO rinse formulation, which means I can just spray and wipe away, without multiple rinse. Third, it's effective, even though it's chemical free, debunking the myth that natural cleaning products are not as effective.

Clearing up the dining table

soapnut republic clean table

Every child leaves behind some mess on the dining table after each meal. A grain of rice, some soup, or vegetable, etc. Clear away the plates, bowls and utensils, pick up the larger pieces of food, then spray some Soapnut Republic Multi Purpose Cleaner on a damp cloth and wipe the dining table clean.
Spray & wipe ... it's that simple & quick.

Cleaning up the floor below the table

Yes, food will get into the floor. Children are still learning better motor skills and learning to be more aware of their environment. Hence, mishaps happen, when a drink is spilled, food is dropped. First pick up the larger pieces. Next, spray some Soapnut Republic Multi Purpose Cleaner on a damp cloth and wipe the floor clean.
Spray & wipe ... it's that simple & quick.
Yes, no need for the whole mop routine here and it’s just as effective.
Do this ASAP, because you don't want your children to step onto the liquid or food mess and get their feet dirty and go round the house.

Wiping clean the children's area

soapnut republic clean children table
Whether it's the kid's table, cupboard or toy drawers, it's always good to wipe it down and keep it clean. I do this one a week, but if you have children who are more sensitive, you can do it daily. some Soapnut Republic Multi Purpose Cleaner on a damp cloth and wipe the tables, the cupboards, the drawers, etc.
Spray & wipe ... it's that simple & quick.

Washing their toys

Soapnut Republic Clean toys
This is a nifty trick which I learnt from one of my customers. Throw all the water-washable toys in a basin, fill with water and spray Soapnut Republic Multi Purpose Cleaner 1-2 times into the basin. Gently mix up the toys to wash all the surfaces. Rinse off soap water. Rinse a final time with clear water. Layout toys to air dry. Done.

This works for Lego too.

Soapnut Republic Clean Lego MPS

Spot clean sofas, carpets, bedsheets and curtains

soapnut republic clean curtains
You probably had experience highlighter marks across your sofa, or milk stains on the bedsheets, or slime on curtains. It quickly gets messy, if you know what I mean. Thankfully, you can spray some Soapnut Republic Multi Purpose Cleaner on a damp cloth and spot clean the stains directly off the sofas, carpets, bedsheets and curtains.
Spray & wipe ... works effectively on any fabric and you don’t need to rinse, saving you so much time.

Laundry wash soft toys

soapnut republic laundry wash soft toys
Most children love soft toys, and I do think my children tend to get a little extreme. For a quick and easy way to clean up the soft toys, place them all in laundry bags (sort them out into bags accordingly) and throw in machine with a natural laundry detergent. Air dry and it’s all ready for play again.
soapnut republic clean soft toys air dry

It's really as simple as "Spray & wipe".

And, the key to make it effortless is to do it often in little steps.

soapnut republic effortless cleaning

Additional tips

  • Plan out regular cleaning sessions, so it doesn’t get overwhelming all at once
  • When the children are out at school or just out, is the best time to get cleaning going
Before you go, don't forget ...

January 08, 2020 — Fionna Lee