Healthy living isn't only about eating healthy.

The products used in your home environment and on yourself plays a major role in your health. Ideally, replace synthetic chemicals, which are toxic to you and the environment, with natural, plant-based products.
In this video, hear from our long time customers - nature-loving Kiwi couple Wei-Wei Ng and Marcus Grierson, Australian super-mum Rebecca Tibbott and her family, and American healthy lifestyle advocate Elizabeth Schieffelin - on how they conquer the kitchen the natural way.

Discover Safer, Natural Cleaning

Soapnut Republic range of cleaning products are powered by natural soapnut berry extract and pure essential oils, our products are non-toxic, allergen free and biodegradable. Also, perfectly suitable for child-friendly and pet-friendly homes.
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Soapnut Republic Dish Soap is a natural, safe and non-hand-drying way to fresh and squeaky clean dishes.

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Soapnut Republic Multi Purpose Cleaner is a no rinse all purpose cleaner that removes oil, mould and grime with ease.

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Soapnut Republic Cream Cleanser is a natural and safer way to beautiful, clean and gleaming tiles, water tap, wash basins, etc.

Soapnut Republic Mint Foaming Hand Soap a refreshing, non-drying foaming hand wash.

Soapnut Republic Fruit & Vegetable Wash is a natural and safe soap to remove pesticides, chemical resides and dirt from your fruits and vegetables.

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March 04, 2020 — Fionna Lee