allergens at home

Allergies can appear out of nowhere, and most of the time it can be very hard for you to deal with them. In fact, things can get so uncomfortable to the point where it will be really hard for you to visit new places without having an allergic reaction. And most of the time, it all starts with the allergens in your home. But what type of allergens are there in your home?

Dust Mites

These are microscopic insects! They are some of the most common asthma symptom triggers out there. They are feeding on the human skin flakes and most of the time they will thrive at high humidity and high temperatures. It’s important to clean your home often and use an allergen-proof encasing for your mattress, box springs, and pillows. Washing your linen at a very high temperature may help a lot too.


Mold tends to appear in regions that are damp, damp and without any exposure to light. Basements and showers in particular tend to be a perfect place for mold, but if there’s high humidity in your home, you can end up having it everywhere. Mold growth needs to be cleaned with help from detergent, water, and bleach. Also, you have to keep mold growth under control. This means you have to check regularly to see if there are any signs that should it would come back.


Lots of people don’t really think that pollen is one of the allergens that can exist in your home. But if you keep your windows open and don’t clean your home often, then pollen can easily reside on your furniture. It’s mandatory to clean up your furniture often, as this will make it a lot easier for you to keep your home clean in the long term.

Chemical products

Not a lot of people know this, but chemical-based cleaning products are bound to bring in front quite a lot of allergic reactions. That’s why it can be a good idea to use natural cleaning products. The chances of running into allergies will be a lot lower, and you want to consider that.

Artificial fragrances

Natural fragrances are a pleasure to have in your home. But artificial fragrances can be extremely powerful, and they also include a lot of chemicals. As you can imagine, some of these chemicals are bound to lead to various allergic reactions. It’s mandatory to try and avoid those allergic reactions as much as possible by cleaning your home often.

In the end, allergens can appear out of nowhere, and it’s up to you to clean your home often to get the best results. If you don’t eliminate these allergens fast, they will end up causing a lot of harm. They can trigger allergic reactions, and you want to stay away from any side effects like that.

So, all you need to do is to clean up your home adequately, and allergens will be kept away!


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February 12, 2018 — Fionna Lee