soapnut multi-purpose spray

A multi purpose spray is the most versatile cleaning agent for your home. Tough on stains, yet soft on your skin. It is suitable for a wide variety of cleaning. In this post, we share the top 10 ways to clean with a multi purpose spray.

  1. Clean hard surfaces throughout the home, such as living room furniture, kitchen tables and bench tops, and bathroom surfaces. Spray on surface and wipe clean with damp cloth
  2. Get rid of dirty marks off walls. Spray on wall, wipe away with damp cloth
  3. Remove mould. Spray onto surface and wipe
  4. Clean fabric furniture. Removes surface marks such as food & drink stains, including wine and crayons. Spray onto surface, blot out mark with wet cloth.
  5. Clean carpets. Removes food & drink stains. Spray onto carpet, blot out mark with wet cloth.
  6. Clean children's toys. Spray on cloth and wipe toys down. Non toxic and allergen free keeps childrens safe.
  7. Clean air conditioning unit. Wash out the dust, then spray on filter and wipe.
  8. Clean pet equipment. Wash and spray on surfaces and wipe clean. Vegan and cruelty free by PETA to keep furry friends safe.
  9. Clean shoes and sandals (mainly water proof materials, i.e. crocs, or cloth material, i.e. canvas). Spray on surface and wipe with wet cloth.
  10. Clean door knobs and handles. Spray and wipe with damp cloth. (We touch these so often, but fail to clean it often enough.)

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July 20, 2017 — Fionna Lee