• Suitable for all floor surfaces
  • 1 capful to 4L of water
  • No rinse required: Mop & air dry

Eucalyptus-fresh, No Rinse, Streak-free floors.

Just mop, air dry and done!

Mop with Soapnut Republic Floor Cleaner

Air dry floor with Soapnut Republic Floor Cleaner

Suitable for all surfaces

Tiles, wood (parquet, timber, wood), granite, marble, etc

All floor surfaces - Soapnut Republic

A little goes a long way

Fill basin with ~4L of water. Pour 1 capful of Floor Cleaner

Product label indicates 50ml of floor cleaner to 4L of water, however, through many trials, a capful (25ml) does the job equally well.

Do not pour floor cleaner, followed by "spraying" water into basin, as that will cause a lot of sud/foam.

Soapnut Republic Floor Cleaner is a No Rinse, Streak-free, Safer, Natural and Effective cleaner for your home.

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February 21, 2020 — Fionna Lee
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