First, thank you for being a Soapnut Republic customer, every order you make is a confirmation to our commitment to creating safer and eco-friendly products that will leave the world a better place for our next generation.

Now, on to business, we have partnered with Getz Cleanz in Singapore to provide an exclusive offer for convenient home cleaning services for Soapnut Republic customers - 20% off regular prices. 

Check out the deal below, and give them a call to make an appointment (+65-88663030). Simply quote the voucher number included in your Soapnut Republic package.

Getz Cleanz Soapnut Republic Voucher Example

If you require more information, leave your name, email and contact number, and a friendly Getz Cleanz representative will get call you back in 3 working days.


Cleaning services include the following:

  • Washing of toilets
  • Cleaning of windows (interior)
  • Cleaning of kitchen and washing of utensils
  • Vacuuming & mopping
  • Cleaning of furniture surfaces

Price List for residential home cleaning

Condo / EC

Type Hours Regular Cost Soapnut Republic Customer Price 20% OFF
2 Bedrooms 3 hours $75.00 $60
3 Bedrooms 4 hours $100.00 $80
4 Bedrooms 5 hours $125.00 $100



Type Hours Regular Cost Soapnut Republic Customer Price 20% OFF
3 Room Flat 3 hours $75.00 $60
4 Room Flat 4 hours $100.00 $80
5 Room Flat 5 hours $125.00 $100


  • Prices are for 1x cleaning session only
  • 20% off Regular Cost for Soapnut Republic customers (valid coupon required, coupon shipped with your purchased order, vouchers have 6 months validity)
  • Book cleaning service 14 working days in advance
  • Getz Cleanz requires cash payment only
  • All prices are quoted in Singapore Dollar (SGD)


Getz Cleanz