Available at Fairprice Finest - My Village, Serangoon Garden

We are in the North East!

Our range of safer, natural home cleaning products are now available at Finest, My Village, Serangoon Garden (1 Maju Ave, My Village, Basement 1, Serangoon Garden Village, 556679). It's open 24 hours, so you can shop anytime!!

If you live around the area, do drop by to learn more about our products. We have educational videos and posters to explain how soapnuts are safe and sustainable. You can also smell our products, which are all heavenly scented with essential oils.

Our in-store prices are the same as our online store, so just pick up whatever you require without any additional delivery charges.

Products available:

  1. Foaming Hand Soap Lemongrass E.O. (500ml)
  2. Foaming Hand Soap Lavender E.O. (500ml)
  3. Foaming Hand Soap Mint E.O. (500ml)
  4. Dish Soap Grapefruit E.O. (500ml)
  5. Fruit & Vegetable Wash (500ml)
  6. Multi Purpose Spray Citrus E.O. (500ml)
  7. Glass Cleaner (500ml)
  8. Cream Cleanser Citrus E.O. (500ml)
  9. Toilet Cleaner Tea Tree E.O. (500ml)
  10. Floor Cleaner Eucalyptus E.O. (500ml)
  11. Stain Remover Grapefruit E.O. (500ml)
  12. Laundry Liquid Lemongrass E.O. (500ml)
  13. Laundry Powder Fragrance Free (500ml)
  14. Laundry Soaker Fragrance Free (500ml)
  15. Wool, Cashmere & Silk Delicate Shampoo (500ml)

Soapnut Republic > Finest My Village, Serangoon Garden


Soapnut Republic > Finest My Village, Serangoon Garden

September 01, 2020